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Here you get to taste some more of India than the "normal, classic" Indian food served in Malmö.

The food is the meaning of life in India, something far more meaningful than just eat to live. We can offer a rare combination of Authentic Indian cuisine in a cozy environment with multi-cultural music. Welcome in when you are hungry for real authentic Indian food and experience.


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India is a country of diverse cooking techniques that fascinate the tongue in the most incredible way. The rich heritage of spice cultivation and trade makes the Chettinad region of India home to the most subtle and aromatic cuisine, that is no less than a delight for the senses. The essence of our curries are its time honored recipes passed on from the Indian kitchens through the generations and recreated by our chefs specially brought in from India.With its extraordinary culinary experience and a most remarkable food quality , The BOMBAY KÖKET promises you a new attitude to Indian food.



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